A little About Me

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My quest for authentic learning environments started on my Fields of Cotton family farm. I created forts and treehouses full of treasures found when exploring open fields and carved out creekbeds. With each exploration, more questions arose about the world around me. My curiosity grew and my need to understand deeper. Those experiences growing up have inspired me to create learning environments for my students that approach learning through questions and childlike wonder. I believe in creating curriculums and programs which invite the student to learn by adapting and developing their knowledge, skills, and identities across boundaries - not just in formal classrooms.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Art Education, K-12 at Brigham Young University-Idaho and a Master's in Learning, Design, and Technology from Georgetown University. I've had the privilege to work with a wide variety of learners of all ages, backgrounds, and communities. I currently help lead equity and diversity initiatives for Arlington Public Schools, teach Visual Arts at Gunston Middle School, and consult for Prince William Sound College. I am thrilled to be asked to illustrate children's books and in the process of storyboarding one very excited project. Academically, I'm also conducting researching how the physical structure of a classroom promotes or hinders equity, community, and autonomy.




Where it all began....

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